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In today’s fast-paced world, where time is as valuable as the vehicles we drive, having a reliable, efficient, and technologically adept towing service is more important than ever.
Atlanta Towing stands at the forefront of modern towing services, embracing cutting-edge technology and personalized care to meet the diverse needs of today’s vehicle owners. From the latest electric vehicles to luxury rides and the traditional family car, Atlanta Towing is equipped to offer unparalleled service.
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Car Shipping Costs

Car shipping costs, particularly for open car transport, are roughly estimated at $1.85/mile for shorter distances (1-500 miles), around $0.91/mile for medium distances (500-1500 miles), and about $0.59/mile for longer distances (1500+ miles). Please note, these rates can vary, and enclosed car shipping will have higher costs.

To accurately determine your specific shipping costs, we suggest using our complimentary instant quote calculator or speaking directly with an Atlanta Towing representative.

This ensures you receive a precise quote considering all relevant factors, including distance, seasonal demand, additional services, and current market rates.

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Average Car Shipping Cost Per Mile

Distance Range

Open Transport

Enclosed Transport

1-500 miles



501-1500 miles



1500+ miles



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How to Get a Car Transport Quote

For a precise car shipping estimate, utilize our instant quote calculator or chat with an Atlanta Towing representative.

Mention any special requirements, as these could affect the pricing. Accurate quotes require details such as vehicle pickup and delivery ZIP codes, transport preference, vehicle make and model, operational status, and earliest pickup date.

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What is Car Transport?

Car transport, or shipping, moves vehicles from one location to another, involving licensed professionals equipped to ensure the safe transit of your vehicle.

The shipping method chosen (open or enclosed transport) influences the cost, with enclosed transport generally costing 10-40% more than open transport.

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Why Choose Atlanta Towing?

Atlanta Towing combines quality with affordability in car shipping. We offer transparent pricing, a vast network of licensed and insured carriers, dedicated advisors, and comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring a smooth and secure shipping experience.

      • No Upfront Payments Required – Pay only when a carrier is assigned.
    • Personalized Service – Tailored shipping solutions for every vehicle.
    • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage – Peace of mind with every shipment.
    • Vast Carrier Network – Over 15,000 professional carriers nationwide.
    • Dedicated Support – Expert advisors available 365 days a year.
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Calculating Car Shipping Costs

Your auto transport quote is uniquely calculated based on several factors, including distance, vehicle size and condition, transport type, location, and time of year. Atlanta Towing’s calculator allows for detailed input, ensuring an accurate and optimized quote without hidden fees.

Your auto transport quote is uniquely calculated based on several factors, including distance, vehicle size and condition, transport type, location, and time of year. Atlanta Towing’s calculator allows for detailed input, ensuring an accurate and optimized quote without hidden fees.

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The Car Transport Process

Our calculator provides a quick, accurate shipping cost for your vehicle.

Just a few clicks deliver an instant quote, with no credit card or upfront payment needed. The more detail provided, the more accurate the estimate.

  • Quote & Book Order
  • Vehicle Pickup
  • Vehicle Delivery

Factors influencing shipping cost include distance, route, shipping date, vehicle specifications, transport type, vehicle condition, details, ground clearance, location, and seasonality.

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Auto Transport Insurance

Carriers must carry liability insurance, but additional cargo insurance can be secured through brokers for added protection.

When arranging coverage, inquire about damage coverage, deductibles, coverage limits, and the option for additional insurance.

Our Auto Transport Services

  • Door-to-Door Shipping: Convenient pickup and delivery at your location.
  • Open Car Shipping: The most cost-effective option for vehicle transport.
  • Expedited Shipping: Premium service for quick shipping needs.
  • Enclosed Car Shipping: Extra protection for luxury or vintage vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Atlanta Towing's Car Shipping Services

1How much does it cost to ship a car?

The cost of shipping a car depends on various factors including distance, vehicle type and condition, transportation method, and the time of year.

2Does the time of year affect car shipping costs?

Yes, seasonal demand fluctuations can impact car shipping costs. Shipping during low-volume seasons may help you save money. Contact an Atlanta Towing representative for more information on seasonal trends and cost-saving opportunities.

3Is there a payment or deposit required for the instant quote calculator?

No, the instant quote calculator is free to use. There's no need for payment or credit card information to obtain a quote.

4What information is needed to use the instant quote calculator?

To use Atlanta Towing’s instant quote calculator, simply provide your pickup and delivery locations (city or zip code), your car's make and model, and your preferred transport type (open or enclosed). Providing detailed information about your shipment helps ensure the accuracy of the quote.

5What's the best way to ship a vehicle?

The best shipping method depends on your specific requirements. Some vehicles may need special accommodations like a lift gate or enclosed transport, while others are suitable for open transport. Discuss your needs with our representative to determine the most suitable option for you.

6How can I enroll in the Atlanta Towing Rewards Program?

Enrolling in the Atlanta Towing Rewards Program is easy and free. Simply contact us for more information or visit our website to sign up. As a member of our loyalty program, you'll earn points with every service, redeemable for deep discounts on future services and exclusive rewards.