Car Battery Jump Start Services

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Battery Jump Start Service

Abandoning the outdated jumper cables, Atlanta Towing uses a proven method for jump-starting dead batteries with a 100% success rate when the issue is battery-related. Receive a jump start and a battery health check to ensure your vehicle’s readiness.
In today’s fast-paced world, where time is as valuable as the vehicles we drive, having a reliable, efficient, and technologically adept towing service is more important than ever.
Atlanta Towing stands at the forefront of modern towing services, embracing cutting-edge technology and personalized care to meet the diverse needs of today’s vehicle owners. From the latest electric vehicles to luxury rides and the traditional family car, Atlanta Towing is equipped to offer unparalleled service.
Atlanta Towing

New & Used Battery Delivery & Installation

Whether you need a new battery starting at $99.95 or a used one from $74.95, we deliver and install on the same day or by appointment.

Our new batteries come with a nationwide replacement warranty.

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Car Door Unlock Service

Fast, affordable lockout solutions from certified roadside locksmith professionals, using vehicle-specific unlocking techniques to ensure no damage.

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Flat Tire Air & Change Service

From inflating a slightly flat tire to replacing a completely blown one with your spare, our technicians are equipped to handle your tire troubles with the utmost care.

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Gas Delivery Service

Don’t let an empty tank slow you down. Our fuel delivery service brings up to two gallons directly to you, with transparent pricing plus the cost of fuel.

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Why Choose Atlanta Towing?

  • 24/7 On-Demand Service: Real roadside assistance experts are ready to help you around the clock.
  • No Membership Plans Required: Enjoy top-tier services without the need for a membership.
  • Trusted and Reliable: With uniformed technicians and proven expertise, we’re your go-to for roadside assistance.

Exclusive Discounts and Rewards: Benefit from e-discounts, promotional coupons, and rewards through our loyalty program.

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Enroll in Atlanta Towing Rewards Program

No membership is required to access our services, but joining our free customer loyalty program lets you earn points for discounts and incredible rewards.

It’s our way of thanking you for trusting Atlanta Towing with your roadside assistance needs.

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Comprehensive Support for Every Driver

Atlanta Towing is committed to providing peace of mind from the moment you call until your issue is resolved. Whether it’s unlocking your vehicle, changing a tire, jump-starting a battery, or delivering gas, our team ensures a seamless and worry-free experience.

After our service, we recommend a professional diagnostic to ensure the longevity and health of your vehicle.

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Ready for Hassle-Free Roadside Assistance?

Transform your experience with roadside emergencies by choosing Atlanta Towing. Contact us now for swift service or to discover how we can make your roadside assistance smooth and straightforward.

Embrace the simplicity, fairness, and perfection of Atlanta Towing’s roadside solutions today.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Atlanta Towing's Roadside Assistance Services

1Can Atlanta Towing jump-start any type of vehicle battery?

Yes, Atlanta Towing is equipped and experienced in jump-starting a wide range of vehicle batteries, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Our technicians use a proven method that ensures a safe and effective jump start every time, without the need for traditional jumper cables.

2How does Atlanta Towing handle a vehicle that still won't start after a jump start?

If your vehicle does not start even after our jump-start service, we recommend a comprehensive diagnostic to identify any underlying issues, which may include a failing alternator, a bad starter, or other electrical problems. We can also assist in arranging towing services to the nearest mechanic for further examination and repair.

3What's included in the new and used battery delivery and installation service?

Our battery delivery and installation service includes the delivery of a new or used battery to your location, professional installation, and a battery voltage test to ensure proper installation and function. New batteries come with a variety of nationwide replacement warranty options for your peace of mind.

4How quickly can Atlanta Towing respond to my roadside assistance request?

Atlanta Towing strives to offer prompt and efficient roadside assistance services. Response times may vary based on your location, traffic conditions, and current demand.

However, our goal is to reach you as quickly as possible, providing you with an estimated time of arrival when you call for service.

5Are the costs for Atlanta Towing's roadside services reimbursable by my insurance or existing roadside assistance program?

Yes, our services are designed to be 100% reimbursable by your insurance company or existing roadside assistance membership program, up to the benefit limit of your program. This allows you to choose our specialized services without additional out-of-pocket expenses.

6How can I enroll in the Atlanta Towing Rewards Program?

Enrolling in the Atlanta Towing Rewards Program is easy and free. Simply contact us for more information or visit our website to sign up. As a member of our loyalty program, you'll earn points with every service, redeemable for deep discounts on future services and exclusive rewards.