Our Dunwoody towing company has helped the 35,000 people who live, work, and visit the historic town of Dunwoody. We aim to offer the fastest and most friendly service of any Dunwoody tow truck company. When you choose us for your Dunwoody towing needs, you’re getting more than a reliable Dunwoody tow truck company: you’re getting a family that cares about getting your disabled vehicle taken care of as soon as possible.

Call us at 678-250-5771 whenever you need Dunwoody towing. Our Dunwoody tow truck company is on call to help you.

A Complete Dunwoody Tow Truck Company

When you need Dunwoody towing, calling us is the smart move. We offer towing in all 12.1 square miles of the city, and our Dunwoody tow truck company can also tow from any nearby city. Whether you’re on Route 400 or I-285, we will dispatch our Dunwoody towing specialists to come get your car quickly.

Staying Safe While You Wait For A Tow

Even in a town like Dunwoody, you’ve got to take measures to keep yourself safe while waiting for our Dunwoody towing truck to arrive. We move fast, but you need to take steps to protect yourself as soon as your vehicle becomes disabled. First, move your vehicle out of any traffic lanes. If it’s chronically disabled, you can move it over to the shoulder, as far off as possible. If not, then you should get off the street completely, into a parking lot or onto a quiet side street. Make sure that you call our Dunwoody tow truck company with the updated information about where your vehicle is located, or else we might not be able to find you! After that, be sure that you’re staying in a well lit area or even a coffee shop unti the Dunwoody towing truck arrives.

The best Dunwoody towing service is just a phone call away. Call 678-250-5771 now!